CD Jasmine Flower


This duo CD combines Park Stickney’s electric-acoustic harp with the haunting sounds of the Erhu (Chinese traditional violin) played by virtuoso Guo Gan.  It is a fusional exploration of classic Chinese melodies arranged by Park and original tunes by Guo, and includes extended duo versions of all of the arrangements on Park’s book “Travel Journal of a Western Harpist in the Chinese Garden.”   Guo and Park first performed together at the 2017 World Harp Congress in Hong Kong, and immediately found that the harp and erhu (and the harpist and erhu-ist) worked really well together, combining the singing tones of the erhu with the harp’s chromatic and rhythmic possibilities.

The Canadian pianist Jessica Yuen joins them on the last track, for a three-continent rendition of The Girl from Ali Mountain.



1. Hide and Seek
2. Kang Ding Love Song
3. Girl from Ali Mountain (Duo)
4. Fountain
5. Moonlight Lullaby
6. Purple Bamboo Melody
7. Racing Horse
8. Jasmine Flower
9. Chinese Market
10. Girl from Ali Mountain (Trio)