The Travel Journal of a Western Harpist in the Chinese Garden


While preparing for a solo tour of China and Korea in March 2016, I was inspired to write my first book of arrangements.  Finally!  Tadaa!

Here are five folk songs from China and Taiwan, arranged in a jazz style.

-Kangding Love Song
-Purple Bamboo Melody
-Jasmine Flower
-The Girl from Ali Mountain
-Moonlight Lullaby

Each includes a notated “improvised” section.  The book is intended for pedal harp, although all but “Jasmine Flower” can be played by adventurous lever-players.   The level is mixed, from easy (Purple Bamboo Melody) to slightly complex (Jasmine Flower, Kangding Love Song), but in general is for medium-advanced players.

Plane ticket to China available here  

Visa info here

Shh!  Here’s a secret project:  Sometime in 2017, I plan to include mp3s of each arrangement, plus a short video lesson to help with some of the trickier rhythms.  (This doesn’t mean you should necessarily wait until then to buy the book.  It’s just something to look forward to..)  Once they happen, there will be links on this page explaining everything..

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